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The Top Strategies to Grow Stronger Everyday

By October 13, 2014No Comments


Your loving and kind Lafayette Chiropractor, Dr. Christina Alba, often points out that every day there are only two directions we move regarding our health: we are either getting stronger or weaker.

Every morning you wake up with the choice on what direction you’re going to move that day.  The alarm clock goes off and you’re forced to take action either way, stronger or weaker.

Do you wake up refreshed and energized to create the amazing possibilities this day has to offer?  Are you happy, fulfilled and excited to go out and live with purpose and passion? (Stronger) Or, are you dreading the day and all the “stuff” that will happen to you…all the BS that you need to avoid?(weaker)

Does a small portion of your day involve movement and exercise (Stronger) or will you just sit at your desk all day and then fall asleep on the couch after a crappy meal, watching TV for hours when you get home?(weaker)

What are you putting into your body?  Water, vegetables, fruit, and lean protein (Stronger) or donuts, fried foods, soda and potato chips?(weaker)

Are you getting adjusted regularly so that you have an open and optimally flowing brain-body connection? (Stronger) Or are you subluxated and disconnected?(weaker)

Remember you get to choose!! And the more you choose the things that will make you stronger, the more health and the more life you will have!

It’s an easy choice to make! Let me know how I can help you take the action steps necessary to do it!


PS – we’d love you to attend our ribbon cutting on November 13 at 5:00 PM! Food, fun, prizes and free spinal scans!! Great health galore!! See you there.