What To Expect

Welcome to Rivulet Chiropractic, and welcome to our family. We want to know what makes you tick. What motivates you in life? Are you a busy mom who wants more energy for yourself and your family? Are you a retiree in need of more vitality and movement? Or are you a star athlete who craves increased athletic performance? Whatever your walk of life may be we can help you achieve your health goals.

First Visit

Your very first visit with us will be powerful. We welcome you with open and loving arms, and then find out how to best serve your health needs. We encourage you to ask questions. The more you know and are involved in your own health, the faster you heal and grow.

  • After a brief tour of the office you are guided to our consultation and exam room.
  • We then review your entrance forms and take a very thorough history to ascertain how long your problems may have been present and what lifestyle choices you are making.
  • Once we collect all of your vital information, we proceed to a detailed analysis of your spine and body. This helps us determine the exact location of the blocks in your spinal column (the subluxations) and how long they have been present. We utilize the latest technological developments in our analysis to provide us the necessary information.
  • If necessary, we take x-rays of your spine to measure the phase of degeneration and exact spinal misalignments. To see is to know. Not to see is to guess, and we will never guess about you and your health.

Second Visit

This is the most important visit that you may ever have with us.

  • We explain all of your findings in great detail and present you our very best recommendations for you to achieve the highest levels of health possible.
  • We want to build a team with you so that nothing holds you back from experiencing your best health. You are that important for the world. And this second visit you bring a loved one who is on board with your lifestyle choices and newly discovered heath goals.
  • At this time we also discuss the best financial choice for you and your family.

Regular Visits

Each visit builds on the one before it, making it imperative that you make all your scheduled appointments. Whatever your schedule of care is, it is vitally important for you to follow our recommendations regarding your Chiropractic adjustments and lifestyle choices.

Fee Schedule

Health is that intangible something that people reluctantly spend a little to retain, but will spend their last dime to regain once they have lost it.

Third party pay for chiropractic care is limited and has been trending downward annually. With health insurance premiums skyrocketing out of control, we have seen deductibles increasing to the point where they are often more than an entire year of care in our office! That being said, we do our very best to keep our costs as low as possible and operate as efficiently as possibly so we can pass those savings on to you and your family. Should you have coverage, we work with a company that allows you to be reimbursed for your visits, and we have several payment methods to ensure your care is affordable and best serves your budget.