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Change Your Neurology, Change Your Life

By January 30, 2016No Comments

Feeling in a funk?

What do you do to lift your spirits?

Head to Facebook? Self medicate? Maybe these are one in the same!?

Have you ever thought about actively changing your neurology? Studies indicate that changing your brain chemistry naturally can have an improved effect on mood. Yesterday a patient rushed into the office, all flustered and was clearly having a tough morning. And I explained, “Well, what if you change your neurology right now? Then you can change your mental and physical state.” And to that she replied: “Yes, doctor. I would love better neurology. I never thought of my chiropractic adjustments as a shift in better chemistry.”

I do what I do so people can have better outlooks on their lives, and achieve all that they were meant to be. After her neurology-changing chiropractic adjustment she left the office to pursue her purpose, in a much better mood!