When I first came to Rivulet Chiropractic I had horrible posture, and Dr. Christina was able to help me right away. I notice I have improved my posture and back strength considerably since starting chiropractic care. I believe that my posture would have diminished over time and only be worse without the adjustments. The biggest benefit of chiropractic care is helping me to maintain the lifestyle I’m living now. I would say that Dr. Christina is the most caring doctor I have met, and her staff is the same. I know I’m in good hands here.

Brian J.

I was referred to Rivulet Chiropractic by another chiropractor. My neck and back pain were bad enough that I finally had to get some consistent help. I got better, and I feel like I’m working towards real wellness. Had I not done it my health would have gone downhill, so not good at all. I enjoy the periodic check that keep me in balance, and help me to be healthier in old age. Dr. Christina and Dr. Brian are what keep my husband and me coming back. And thank you to Caitlin too! I like best how I feel in my body.

Doreen D.

I have general fatigue, asthma, minor scoliosis and posture issues. I was very interested in Dr. Christina’s technology and natural approach to health when I first met her. My life is changed—more energy, better breathing, less use of an inhaler for my asthma. What I notice too is I have a very strong immune system. I have only gotten a minor cold in the past seven months. I am aware of the importance of my spine being healthy so I don’t have long-term issues like a bad immune system or difficulty breathing anymore. I have steady and stable health! The doctor has a positive energy and atmosphere, she engages and really cares for your personal health and general well-being.

Izela M.

I have been in many car accidents, been through a broken back recovery, and they were all really bad. My life is different since being adjusted at Rivulet Chiropractic. Now I find I am able to do my normal activities, and am able to snowboard again! Before I was slumping a lot, always sore, and cramped. Since I’ve caused a tremendous amount of damage to my body I feel that with regular exercise and chiropractic care I’ll be able to live actively for a long time. What I like about their office is the friendly staff, its comfortable surroundings, as well as the professional care.

Bryan K.

My low back was so bad that it was keeping me from my desk job. Today I have improved energy, can enjoy the outdoors more and be in the gym a bit more. Less neck pulling on my lower back means less pain so it’s truly a lifelong benefit. The experience at Rivulet is easy, quick, the doctors care and have compassion for people.

Alex H.

After my first chiropractic adjustment I had one of the best nights of sleep I’ve had in years. When I woke up I didn’t feel like my normal groggy self. I felt rejuvenated and ready to start the day. Chiropractic has allowed me to function better and express at a 100% capacity.


I have always had chronic neck pain and serious lack of movement. I love having much less pain and an improved range of motion. No chiropractic care for me is a serious negative impact of reduced activity and less mobility. The rest of my life I can be more active and pain-free. It simply works at Rivulet Chiropractic.

Rick B.

I had really bad upper back and lower neck pain, and my range of motion was suffering. My really bad posture habits and years of working on computers had weighed on me. My experience at Rivulet Chiropractic is life-changing. I feel a lot more in sync, lighter and have improved range of motion in my upper back and neck. A lot of the distracting pains I used to have got better or non-existent! Great feeling. I probably would have been popping muscle relaxants and pain medications only to see my symptoms worsen had it not been for Dr. Christina and Dr. Brian. To me chiropractic care is a system that values the body. The results speak for themselves and will keep me coming back. I am fixing the cause of my pain.

Anthony A.

My lower back and hip discomfort made it uncomfortable to sit, walk, run. With the chiropractic adjustments I have noticed a big change because I rarely think about the discomfort on a day-to-day basis like I used to. No adjusting would have had me back to other treatments that didn’t work, and possibly surgery. The Rivulet Chiropractic team fixed the problems, gave me more flexibility in my low back, and hips, and increased my range of motion in my body with results in under six months. And the doctors are great teachers on explaining what goes on with Chiropractic Care and my body.

Brad H.

Chiropractic at Rivulet is great! I sleep better and more endurance. Had it not been for this office I would have learned to live with the discomfort. Why have that when I can have better alignment and awareness of my posture? I feel relaxed and loose after a session at their office. Everyone on their team in so friendly and helpful.

Female in her 40s

My health sucked and I’m only in my early 20’s. Back soreness and allergy issues plagues my life. My life is way different from chiropractic visits because I have been able to be outside without allergy issues and am more mobile in my back. No more need for allergy medication! The best part at Rivulet Chiropractic is the feeling after an adjustment of released pressure, and being surrounded by the wonderful staff. Thank you from a young 20 year old dude.

Male in his 20s

As a healthcare provider in the hospital I’ve had intermittent back issues over the years. Since being under Rivulet’s care I have self-awareness of my posture and less physical stress on my body. It’s good to know I’m less prone to physical injury, and have better body flexibility, and strength without pain.

Male in his 30s

I’ve had back surgery. Then the pain came back. The stiffness and numbness down to my toes really got to me. When it was at the point where I couldn’t stand in one spot without my leg going numb, then I realized I better do something about it. I saw Dr. Christina and can now say I’m more flexible, and can stand better. Taking no action would have meant a lifetime of pain and numbness. Now standing is easier so I can pay attention to people without worrying about tingling and numbness down my leg.

Male in his 60s

I really love how chiropractic opens up the senses and clears the passages to your brain. As a full time dancer movement is key to my life. With every chiropractic adjustment I am able to sustain my body and my dance poses for longer. It enables me to do what I love—to teach dance.


I had never been to the chiropractor before so I thought daily headaches were normal. Well, they’re not normal. My headaches went away after the first couple of adjustments. Having a clear head is normal.


I work at a desk all day long and I was experiencing constant upper back pain that wasn’t going away despite working out and eating better. What did help was getting under regular chiropractic care. My overall health has improved. The adjustments maintain my body, and motivate me to work out and eat better.


I am 80 years old. I don’t like to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. I would rather be sleeping. When the chiropractor adjusted my low back I noticed I slept uninterrupted. Who knew my lower back nerves controlled my bladder? Now I don’t have to get up to use the bathroom at night.