What Is Authentic Healing?

Authentic healing is healing from the inside-out.

When your body becomes cluttered with negative thoughts and emotions, physical traumas and repetitive injuries, or even chemical toxins, it is unable to adapt to the environment in which it lives. These stressors overwhelm and over time, you simply can’t function at 100%. Can you imagine your heart or lungs only functioning at 75% of their capacity? You don’t perform as well. You think and act slower. How you interact with the world is sluggish and foggy. As a result, you are not on top of your game, and your professional and personal relationships may suffer. You eventually feel the symptoms of illness that you try to fix from an outside-in approach, like over-the-counter or prescription medications. Sadly, those outside-in approaches are temporary because they don’t directly address the root cause of poor adaptability—a disconnected nervous system.

That’s why chiropractic care is so important for you and your family. As your family chiropractors we are trained and skilled in re-connecting your brain and body. We find and remove the blockage in your spinal column, called vertebral subluxations. The nervous system (the intricate network of nerves from your brain to the rest of your body) controls all other systems and is the main reason why your brain-body connection thrives or survives. The nervous system sends messages to your heart, your lungs, your immune system, your digestive system, your reproductive system, etc, to give you the best opportunity for health. When your nervous system is clear the signals from your brain to all those organs and muscles are restored with an open, uninterrupted connection. You are better able to send messages to the parts of your body that need healing. You think faster, you make better decisions. You recover from stress faster because you can adapt to the environment at 100% function. As an athlete your recovery time is faster. As a parent you are better equipped with the energy to balance family life and work life. Children are healthier and happier. They think and function clearly.

And as a human being a clear spine means a clear idea of why you’re here on this planet. You are inspired to take on the world and achieve all that you and your loved ones deserve in life. Why? Nothing blocks you when you’re connected to your life’s passion and purpose. You are at your best.

All because of this force, this tiny rivulet of life that the chiropractic adjustment sets free.

You may think it small, yet its impact is beyond measure.