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3 Quick Tips to Improve and Maintain Great Posture

By May 19, 2017No Comments

It’s May — May Day, Mother’s Day, and….Posture Awareness Month! You mean you didn’t know?? The real question is, why should you care, right?

Well, the pros say that good posture is essential for good health. And I bet you’re interested in having good health. So….here are some fun facts to know and tell, and a video with some quick tips to help you take care of your posture.

What is posture? It’s the position in which we hold our bodies while standing, sitting, or lying down. Good posture means the correct alignment of body parts supported by muscles.

Why should I care? Well, which would you prefer to carry around every day, a 10-lb. head or a 40-lb. head? If your posture is correct, meaning your head is nicely balanced over your body via your spine, then the weight of your head is around 10-12 lbs. If your posture is off-balance, then you could be carrying over 30 lbs. — each and every day of your adult life!

You can imagine what that weight will do to your neck and back muscles over time! That’s just one reason to care; another is keeping that brain-body nerve flow open so you feel great, inside and out.

How does bad posture happen? Lots of factors contribute to poor posture, but here’’s one I want to make sure you know at this time of year. May is also the month of crazy busyness for most of us, especially students and parents of students. So, stress can be a big factor in poor posture! Are you…

  • Studying hours on end, hunched over your desk, pigeon-necked in front of your computer, pulling all-nighters and not exercising?
  • Practically living in your car, carting your kids around to all the yearend school projects, recitals, sports tournaments, class trips? Thinking about getting everything done, rather than how you’re craning your neck, straining as you get in and out of the car, or how you haven’t exercised in days?

Hey, happens to the best of us! Now you know to pay more attention to how you’re moving your body and how it might be affecting your posture. And I have for you 3 quick tips to help you improve your posture. Take a look:

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