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3 Health Myths Every Invincible Man Should Know

By June 18, 2017No Comments

It’s Father’s Day today — Your turn to be celebrated, Dad, Papa, Mr. Mom, Uncle Buck, Grandpop, Big Brother, or whatever father-figure role you play for your loved ones!  We appreciate all you do, especially because we know that Dad sometimes gets neglected in the family story because it’s all about the kids and Mom.

Dads are often the go-getter bread-winner ones in the family who go and go and go, ignore their aches and pains, crane over the desk with poor posture, push through when they’re tired — and don’t see a doctor until they’re completely symptomatic and almost falling apart.

Sound like anyone you know (looking in the mirror right now)?  I’ve noticed that the concept of wellness and preventive care is often new to guys (except for those who see themselves as athletes and proactively take care of their bodies). Maybe they see preventive care as too ‘vague’ or not solution-oriented enough to take seriously.

But nothing could be further from the truth….

While I’m all for a can-do, push-the-envelope kind of attitude … As a chiropractor and wellness expert, I feel compelled to give you a reality check here.. So, listen up, Gentlemen and Yang masters, I’m about to bust some Health Myths for you…

Myth #1: If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.  Not true when it comes to your body.

Myth # 2: Weekend Warrior – is not a good thing.  Sounds cool, but can wreak havoc on your body and take a toll on your health in the long term.

Myth 3: “I got this!” No, you don’t always got this. Your mind may be willing to help out, but your body might not be.  

To find out more, watch this:

What I find is that men don’t tend to seek chiropractic care. Or, they come to see me when they’re broken-down and in tough shape. Let me assure you, broken-down is harder to fix! It’s like a car:  If you get your car fixed when it breaks down, and the parts are worn and degenerated, it’s going to be more difficult — and more expensive — to repair than if you had had it checked regularly.

Same thing for your body.  And remember, human spare parts are tough to find! There is no such thing as spinal replacement, and spinal surgery has a success rate of only 18 to 30%!  Bottom line: Do you really want to spend more money and exert more precious energy in the long run? That’s what happens when you avoid taking care of your health before it becomes a serious issue. You might say that seeing your local chiropractor is a time and money saver!

Much more importantly, you’re a precious person to many who love you, with an exciting life to live. Your body is worth your attention so you can enjoy living full-out 100% — that’s priceless!

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