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the doctor is inside you
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The Best Doctor is the One Inside You

Think about this: You were born into a lie about you and your body and your health! From day one, someone decided (likely with all good intentions) that you needed extra help  You “needed” vitamins, several rounds of vaccinations, antibiotics for almost any symptom. You were never in charge of your own health, and never taught to take responsibility…
Christina Alba
January 15, 2020

Matt’s Story of Overcoming Low Back Pain

Watch Matt tell his inspiring story of overcoming low back pain from a weightlifting injury. Improper form while performing squats distorted his low back alignment causing a jamming of his facet joints. Chiropractic adjustments helped restore that normal motion and alignment so that Matt could continue doing the things he loves to do: his job, working out, traveling and enjoying…
Brian Flannery
February 21, 2019