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Chiropractic is the largest and most recognized form of complementary medicine. Chiropractic adjustments restore the connection between your brain and your body to allow nervous system function at its highest levels. Our patients report more energy, better focus, restful sleep, improved immune system and less stress.

Pain is a motivating factor. Most patients typically come to our office for car accident care and recovery, acute sprain or strain injury, or after soreness from a "friendly "game of pickleball. Others decide to come after suffering from a chronic condition such as low back pain or tech neck. Others choose our spinal maintenance care or wellness check ups because they prefer to be in tiptop shape regardless of symptoms or pain.

A car accident is a type of personal injury event that is sudden and often traumatic. Serious injuries do not always result in immediate pain or physical signs and symptoms, but they can manifest later on. After you have stopped, called first responders and identified the other parties please take photos as best you can. Consult with a personal injury attorney so you can start to seek legal help. At the same time book a visit to your local chiropractor to start the process of healing bodily pains under a comprehensive treatment plan. Often times the attorney will recommend you go to a chiropractor as well.