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In my role as chiropractor and family wellness expert, people sometimes come to me with  questions, concerns, hesitation and even fear about starting chiropractic care. I really understand – even though chiropractic has been around for a looong time with tons of research on its benefits, it still feels “new,” weird and untested to many people.

Chiropractic has gotten a bad rap by those professionals (I won’t name names) who benefit by keeping people sick, “needing” medications, and “requiring” surgery and other invasive treatments. Here is the fact: Chiropractic helps people achieve and maintain optimal health – in a proactive, natural way.

I love to talk about chiropractic and want to hear your questions or concerns, so please ask!

In the meantime here are some of the most common ones, and we hope you’ll find these responses helpful…

Chiropractic is just good for relieving pain, right?  

Yes and…When you think about what chiropractic focuses on, you’ll see that it brings waaaay more than pain relief. It’s all about keeping the nervous system flowing so that ALL the parts of your body are working at their best. So…

  • If you are having allergies, digestion issues, frequent colds, or headaches (just to name a few), the causes are likely related to spinal interference to those functions of the body.
  • Pain is often an indicator that something else is going on in your body that needs attention. On the other hand, you may not have any “real” symptoms at all, but a chiropractic assessment can uncover a serious issue your body is experiencing. Often we are able to notice things that other kinds of doctors do not.
  • Sometimes it takes time to correct a problem for a patient, because of the length of time it has been developing.
  • A chiropractor is a person’s partner on their journey to wellness – just like a dentist or optometrist is. Regular checkups and preventive care are part of a great healthcare plan.

I don’t have the time for all these treatments – and won’t I be locked-in forever?

YOU are in charge of your healthcare, so you get to decide.

  • During our work together, your goals may change. We understand, so we check in with you as we go so there is open communication. We’re partners in your health.
  • We try our best to have hours available that work with your schedule.
  • Let’s talk about time: After the first adjustment, patients tells us they have more energy to do all the things on their to-do list. So they actually GAIN time, rather than lose it.
  • And honestly, Do you have time to be sick or recover from injury? You can invest now, rather than wait until it’s too late, which leads me to the next thought…

It’s a luxury that I can’t afford!

Let’s do a little cost-benefit analysis here.

  • If the number one cause of bankruptcy in the United States in medical bankruptcy, then wouldn’t you want an alternative? Patients under chiropractic care typically can prevent getting surgery and avoid the use of certain medications.
  • Patients who receive consistent chiropractic care actually visit their doctor for medical issues less frequently than those who do not. They tend to spend less on healthcare in general.
  • Patients under chiropractic care have less spinal nerve interference, which naturally boosts the immune system, hence fewer days missed from work and school.
  • On average chiropractic patients live 5 years longer than those not under care.

My doctor doesn’t approve of my seeing a chiropractor.  

We would never question your choice of doctor or judge another professional’s opinion. That said:

  • Adding chiropractic to your healthcare plan is your decision alone. We would LOVE to educate your doctor, who may not know all the benefRivulet chiro improves wellnessits of chiropractic care.
  • Here’s a fun fact for you: Chiropractors pay less in malpractice insurance than medical. There are more complications that could occur during surgery or with certain medications. Chiropractic is safe, effective and is all about the body’s NATURAL ability to heal and stay healthy.

Chiropractors aren’t real doctors, are they?  

In this country, we assume the word doctor is a person you see when you are sick or injured. Chiropractors are definitely doctors, simply with a fundamentally different – holistic and preventative – approach to wellness.

  • Chiropractors require 2,887 education class hours while the typical medical doctor is only required to take 2,756  hours.
  • Chiropractic students are required to undergo hundreds of hours in clinical settings, and must pass all national board exams, state exams and optional x-ray exams before being able to practice in the state of their choice.
  • Chiropractors are educated in the body and the mind because healing and maintaining great health is an integrated thing. I am a family wellness expert as well as a chiropractor.

Seems like chiropractic care might be one of the best kept secrets out there today, doesn’t it?

We don’t want it to be, because we see such amazing results for our patients. In fact, I became a chiropractor because seeing my own chiropractor changed my life. My deepest desire is for you – everyone – to be totally in charge of your healthcare, mind, body, and spirit.

Intrigued? More questions? Give Dr. Christina a call at Rivulet Chiropractic at 925-385-8353 or email us at to set up a consultation.