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“I LOVE CHIROPRACTIC!”  Is this a statement you say all the time? Unless you’re in the business, I’m going to guess that it’s not – in fact, that you have never thought to say it, ever

After you read these Top 10 Reasons, I’m hoping you will see chiropractic with some new-found love, or at least realize how connected your spine is to your well-being,  vibrant health, and lifestyle. 

By the way, these are actual comments our patients have shared with us…

#10  When I’m moving more easily, comfortably and with flexibility, I feel and function like a younger person!

#9  My whole family sees a chiropractor, and I can tell that my “well-adjusted” kids are healthier than they’ve ever been – naturally. They don’t suffer from the colds, flu or allergies that their classmates do.

#8  I love having control over my own healing!  Without pills or surgery, chiropractic helps my body’s ability to heal. I feel better all over, inside and out. 

 #7  I hold stress in my body, and I know stress is the #1 trigger for heart attack. When my spine is adjusted, I am more relaxed, calm and able to handle challenging situations.

Image thanks to 123rf/Aleksandr Davydov


#6  I can now work at my computer without pain, strain or energy drain. As part of the  chiropractic care plan, my chiropractor helped me arrange my desk area so I’m sitting properly

#5  I started with chest pains and couldn’t even lift my groceries. Now I’m actively training for a marathon, and planning a trip because I don’t have to worry about my chest pain stopping me.

#4  I love bagels! The connection? Before chiropractic treatment, I couldn’t eat them (or any hard, dense foods) without intense jaw pain and cracking. My jaw is in better alignment now so I can eat everything more easily! 

#3   Now that I’m pain-free and sleep better, I’m in better shape to do the other things in life that I really want to do. I wake up each morning refreshed and ready to go! 

#2  My chiropractor cares about the ‘whole’ me! I’m encouraged to exercise, eat healthier foods, and pay attention to the signs my body gives me that it’s out of alignment.

#1  I love myself and want to live life 100%!


Intrigued? More questions?

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