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Are you someone who changes your smoke alarm batteries according to a 6-month schedule? Do you do spring cleaning every April? Do you regularly take your car to the mechanic for maintenance to keep it running smoothly? I wonder … Do you take your body in for regular maintenance?

Many of us are in the habit or organizing certain parts of our lives so we keep our homes, cars, work life running optimally. Yet, we neglect to schedule regular care for our bodies.

Speaking of organizing, what part of your body organizes every single cell, tissue, muscle, and function on your behalf?

It’s your brain! Yes, your brain is the master controller of your body, helping it to stay in balance amidst the chaos of life. It regulates all the neurotransmitters, signals, and hormones that enable your body to function fluidly — as long as there is no interference to the connection.

When there is interference, it is impossible to be truly healthy because your brain becomes blocked from directing the various parts of the body to do their jobs well.

What is interference and why should you care?

If you answered compressed discs along your spine, you would be right! Other interferences are much less evident, such as negative thoughts and emotions, small physical traumas you haven’t even noticed, poor sleep habits, or chemical toxins. These various stressers from the environment take their toll over time, so that you simply can’t function at 100% because there is not a clear flow to and from your brain.

This means that you don’t perform as well. You think and act more slowly, interacting with the world more sluggishly. Not only is your physical health affected but also how you show up professionally and personally every day. Your immune system works less effectively, so you have symptoms of illness and are less able to manage stresses, worries or anxiety.  And it can keep snowballing until larger health issues emerge.

How to make sure your brain is functioning at its best

The root cause of interference is a disconnected nervous system. The spinal column is the pipeline housing that complex mess of nerves that control all your body’s systems. This is why the spinal column is key, and why chiropractic care is so important.

Chiropractic care clears your nervous system so the signals from your brain to all those organs and muscles are restored with an open, uninterrupted connection. What’s fascinating is that you can FEEL it — you just know when you are in the flow. It’s much like taking your car out on the road right after a full maintenance job — she feels smooth, balanced, with quick pickup, tight handling, and humming happily on the open road.

Many of my patients will report similar kinds of results after chiropractic care, beyond the release of pain or discomfort (and much to their surprise and delight) : clearer thinking, easier respiration, more flexibility and movement, better balance, great night’s sleep, a brighter mood and outlook.

Here is my heartfelt recommendation to you: Do the same thing for your body as you do for your home, your closets and your car. You deserve it at least as much as they do!

In whatever way serves you best, DO have regular checkups and check-ins to make sure your body — including your brain — is functioning at its best.