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The Lowdown on Low Back Pain

There are many benefits of chiropractic care that aren’t well-known - like improving your immune system, enhancing sports performance, reducing allergies and asthma, lifting moods, normalizing blood pressure, reducing dependence on medication, clearing the brain for awesome thinking...OK, you get the idea. However, the most common reason people make the decision to come to our chiropractic office (and I suspect…
Christina Alba
April 3, 2019

Yuliya Huziy Success Story – Rivulet Chiropractic Lafayette, CA

https://youtu.be/wVL71DnMKuc We are always so thrilled when we get to serve the amazing people in our community and help them achieve their health goals!! When they are courageous enough to share their story with the world, we feel truly blessed and grateful of how Chiropractic enriches lives, restores health and allows people to reach their fullest potential. We thank Yuliya…
Brian Flannery
January 13, 2019

You Won’t Believe What She Yelled…

OH MY GOD! YOU GOT ME PREGNANT!! This I heard a woman scream in the reception room one night. As I was delivering a specific and scientific chiropractic adjustment to one of my patients, I almost choked and heard my patient gasp her breath. Well, the woman I was adjusting at that moment happened to be my wife, who quickly…
Brian Flannery
February 18, 2016