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5 Myths & Truths About Chiropractic

By November 19, 2018March 24th, 2020No Comments

Time to reveal the top 5 common myths, and the truths, about chiropractic!

Myth # 1: Chiropractic isn’t safe.
Chiropractic is widely recognized as one of the safest drug-free non-invasive therapies available for the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal issues. It’s been found that chiropractic adjustments are safer than many common activities like salon shampooing, break-dancing and star-gazing. Compared to chiropractic, research shows that the other common treatments like surgery and pain medications pose a higher potential risk. There is certainly a place for these treatments – we’re not advocating against them – however, with proper chiropractic treatment you have a great chance of alleviating the condition without medications or surgeries.

Myth # 2: Chiropractors aren’t real doctors.

Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs) are educated as primary-contact healthcare providers, and the educational requirements are among the most stringent of any of the healthcare professions. Chiropractic students have to complete 4,485 hours of college classroom instruction vs. 4,248 hours for other medical students, in addition to hands-on clinical experience. DCs master a broad range of medical knowledge: biology, psychology, orthopedics, neurology, physiology, clinical diagnosis, nutrition rehabilitation and more.  Ask us anything (almost)!

Myth # 3: Chiropractic is only for people with back pain.
Chiropractors care for patients of all ages, with a variety of health conditions. The approach is focused on the spine and nervous system, and patients typically choose to a chiropractor because of back or neck pain, an injury or musculoskeletal disorder. What they find out is how much our body structure affects our overall function!  The benefits of chiropractic care extend to general health issues such as immune system complaints, anxiety, fatigue. We often counsel our patients on basic exercise, ergonomics and healthy habits at home and work.

Myth # 4: Chiropractic isn’t necessary for children.
Children, including babies, can benefit from chiropractic care! Kids are very physically active and experience all types of falls, blows and sports injuries. Chiropractic care can ease symptoms and correct some conditions that, if untreated, could show up more seriously as they get older. An even more exciting benefit we see with our young patients is that they are healthier in general because their bodies are working more effectively — an aligned spine means a stronger immune system.

Myth # 5: Chiropractic isn’t a long-term solution.
Many patients feel immediate relief after an adjustment, which is a wonderful thing!  However, the complexities of the body’s structure and the various reasons behind the pain, discomfort or disorder will take a series of treatments over time to provide the acute or chronic care that’s required. Preventive care is also important to maintain the body’s alignment and flow. We work together with our patients on a plan that fits. You own your body; the choice to continue is yours!

So, now you’re very well informed about chiropractic and its value. More importantly, I hope you feel inspired to make your health and wellness, and that of your family, an intentional goal – and not leave it to luck!